Matt Calvert

I am a

I design things for the web in React and am based in the South of England. I enjoy challenging myself to create websites, applications, or anything in between.
I'm currently looking for a job in Web development to help develop my skills.

Covid-19 tracker

This is a single page app that allows you to see current live data about Covid-19 numbers from the whole world pulling information form the api.
Created in React with JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Google Keep Clone

A clone of Google Keep which allows you to do create and delete notes.
Created in React with JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Netflix clone app

An app that displays the tmdb api with posters that can be clicked on to load a trailer for the show.
Created in React with JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Todo List

A todo list that has uses a NoSQL backend using the MERN stack. You are able to create unique todo lists by creating your own url.
Created with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Mongodb & Node.js

What I'm skilled in


JavaScript & React

SQL & NoSQL experience

Git & Version control

Get in touch

I am currently looking for new opportunities so feel free to contact me and get in touch.